You Are Currently Watching: Large Single Sensor cameras in Demand

Posted On: March 21, 2011
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Affordable HD Cameras with Large Single Senors are in great demand with cameras like the Sony F3 and Panasonic’s AF-100 making major waves. This movement follows the massive success of DSLR’s and the Revolutionary Red One camera. All that being said we now have several options to choose from when looking to rent or purchase HD cameras with film like gamma, frame rates and now depth of field. But back to the F3 and the AF-100, these two cameras have gotten my attention with all the rich features they offer. Sony’s F3 has a Super 35mm sized sensor, comes with a PL mount adaptor, boasts an effective ISO rating of 800, has over 13 stops of latitude and has many firmware updates on the way including the ability to capture in 4:4:4 and S-Log (Sony’s version of a digital negative). Jon Fauer features a great overview and posts constant updates on this camera which retails for $13,300. Released last December at just under $5000, Panasonic’s AF-100 utilizes the Micro 4/3″ format which makes it attractive to owners of still photography lenses in that format. The camera answers some of the deficiencies of the highly affordable DSLR’s such as ergonomics, the ability to record reliable sound and time code, HD/SDI output and more. The camera can be outfitted with lens adaptors, made by third party companies including a PL mount adaptor by Hot Rod. My first experience with the AF-100 was late last year at Createsphere NY where DP, Barry Braverman discussed the features and benefits of the AF-100. Check out the video.